What is Dental Bonding?

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At Hunsaker Dental, we are all about giving our patients options. We understand how hard it can be to deal with a smile that doesn’t live up to your standards, which is why we offer dental bonding as one of our cosmetic dental options. With dental bonding, you can achieve the same results that porcelain veneers boast at a fraction of the price. Dental bonding offers a permanent solution to chipped and cracked teeth that are messing up your smile.


Dental bonding offers us a way to repair damaged teeth permanently. We use a composite compound made of glass, plastic, and a special resin that bonds everything together. We mix this compound in our office to match the color of your teeth exactly. The mixed compound has putty-like properties that allow us to mold and shape it into whatever form we need to reconstruct your teeth.


Dental bonding can be used for a variety of purposes, from restoring teeth that have long since been cracked or chipped to re-attaching pieces of teeth that have recently come loose. We can even use the dental bonding agent to reshape your teeth, fixing issues like crooked, misshapen, or awkwardly spaced teeth. Dental bonding offers a fast and permanent fix to cosmetic dental problems.

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The dental bonding procedure is a pretty fast and efficient one. The first step is we will prepare your tooth to receive the dental bonding compound by thoroughly cleaning it. We will add some texture to the surface of the tooth that the bond will be applied to by etching those surfaces with a tool. Once the surface of the tooth is ready, we will apply the dental bond to it and form it into a natural-looking shape. The bonding material is claylike and malleable, so forming it is easy. We will then add any texture needed to finish making the bond look aesthetically pleasing and make the bond permanent by shining a special UV light on the bonding material.

Once the dental bond is set, we will send you home with care instructions. Dental bonds are permanent but can’t be used to chew on hard things like ice, as it could cause them to become damaged.


The one comparable treatment method to dental bonding is porcelain veneers. While veneers are very good at giving your teeth the aesthetic that you want they are much costlier, require significantly more time to place, and require modification to your teeth that dental bonding does not. Dental bonding is a great option for quick fixes and full cosmetic re-works alike.

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The same composite resin that we use to create dental bonds is used to fill tooth-colored fillings. Tooth-colored fillings offer a much more aesthetically pleasing option than the silver-colored amalgam fillings of the past.

With Dental Bonding, you no longer need to hide away your smile. You will be able to flash a perfect grin confidently again. Give us a call today at Salem: 503-877-1598,  or Monmouth: 503-877-1590 to schedule your appointment!

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