Full Mouth Dental Implants


Full Mouth Dental Implants

Since its introduction in 1969, the concept of osseointegration (implant fusion with natural bone) has transformed the field of implant dentistry from an experimental innovation to a highly successful and accurate treatment for replacing missing teeth.

A recent large-scale study on people with missing teeth revealed that 44.1% of males and 55.9% of females have dental implants, while numerous studies have reported high levels of satisfaction and improved quality of life in patients who have received this gold standard tooth replacement solution.

Of course, not all dental implants are equal, and it’s important to visit a clinician with a proven track record of delivering superior results. If you’re seeking Full Mouth Dental Implants in Salem and Monmouth, OR, you can trust Hunsaker Dental.

Our All-on-X, full mouth dental implants treatment protocol replaces an entire arch of teeth with just four dental implants strategically inserted in the back of the jawbone, utilizing more available bone for a sturdy foundation for your new teeth to rest on. These four dental implants are robust and offer optimal support for your permanent smile.

Full Mouth Dental Implants VS Traditional Dentures

Traditionally, if you have missing or failing teeth, dentures were considered the best and virtually only solution. However, with modern technology and advanced strides in the dental field, we now know that traditional dentures are an outdated option for restoring missing teeth.

The disadvantages of traditional dentures outweigh the benefits. It is undeniable that dentures offer a more cost-effective solution for patients seeking to restore their smiles without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, dealing with messy adhesives, worrying about dentures slipping or falling out, and the potential loss of up to 75% of taste due to dentures blocking the roof of the mouth have proven costly for patients in the long run.

Since dentures are not anchored in the jawbone, they cannot properly support it, leading to bone deterioration and the development of sunken facial appearances due to jawbone loss. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook!


Step 1: Comprehensive Smile Evaluation

During the initial one-hour evaluation, our implant coordinator will meet with you to discuss your smile goals. We will take digital images using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology and an iTero® scanner.

Additionally, we will record a short video, take preliminary measurements, and select tooth shades that complement your facial aesthetics. We use these different elements to create a smile design preview that we will share at your next appointment.

At this appointment, you will learn about Dr. Hunsaker’s background, our technology and facility, and receive essential information about the All-on-X process. You will also receive an accurate estimate for the cost of tooth replacement in Monmouth and Salem, OR.

Following this, you will meet with our dentists to review your diagnostic imaging and confirm your treatment strategy.

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Second Visit: Precision Planning and Preparation

During your second appointment, which will take approximately 90 minutes, we will review your medical history, discuss your smile design preview, dispense any necessary prescriptions, go over pre- and post-op documents, and ask you to complete consent forms.

During this visit, we will record measurements with digital facebow technology, which allows precision recording of your jaw and meticulously digitized functional data. This technology enhances our ability to craft highly accurate restorations with our on-site milling machine.


On the day of surgery, we can perform tooth extractions and bone grafts before placing your full mouth dental implants, all while you are under IV sedation.

With our Teeth Tomorrow® protocol, you will go home after the surgery and come back the next day to get fitted with your provisional prosthesis.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Our on-site lab enables us to customize, 3D print, and tint your provisional full arch teeth and deliver them the next day, in less than 24 hours after your dental implant placement.

During this 60-to-90-minute visit, we will fit you with your temporary prosthesis and ensure it looks and feels natural before you leave.


Teeth Tomorrow® full-arch dental implants feel comfortable, look natural, and can last a lifetime with proper care. While every patient who needs full-arch restoration has unique expectations and needs, this specific protocol is versatile and easily adaptable.

It’s similar to the All-on-X protocol, in which four to six dental implants are placed on both the upper and lower arches, based on the patient’s specific smile needs. Before the day of surgery, we create a digital workflow and design to ensure precision implant placement.

A 3D scan taken after surgery provides an accurate blueprint for crafting your immediate load prosthesis. Our onsite lab enables customized 3D printing and tinting of your provisional full arch teeth, delivering is less than 24 hours after your dental implant placement. Both the temporary and final full-arch dental implants are extremely durable and resistant to chips, cracks, stains, and harmful bacteria.